Our mission here at Artisan Crust Bakery is to deliver the finest bread products and pastries available to our customers. In order for us to achieve this, we use only the highest quality ingredients, and skilled bakers. While many other baking companies use machines and finish their products by hand; we use traditional European methods throughout the entire baking process. This includes hand forming, hand kneading, and using only direct flame ovens, and steam. Using these methods gives our breads and rolls the texture, flavor and form unique to hand processing.
Our staff maintains a head baker with over 20 years of experience, who is fully schooled in the European tradition of bread making. His experience has carried him from the most exquisite bakeries in Italy, and Europe to the United States where he has worked as an artisan bread maker and a pastry chef as well. Working with dough is his passion, which enables us to customize the shape, size, and recipe (flavor /color), for any bread to better suit your establishment’s needs.
Give us a try and you will not want to taste anything else. Biting into a piece of Artisan Crust bread, will take you back to a Parisian country side. Bon Appétit!